We specialize in designing custom maintenance programs for all kinds of swimming pools to suit every clients’ needs. Whether you are looking for one, two, or three visits per week or even daily service, our professional maintenance technicians can handle the job. We can even provide additional support beyond the scope of the agreement if necessary. 

Pool maintenance is a must to ensure comfort, safety, equipment protection and cleanliness for users. 

Water contained in a swimming pool can easily become the ideal breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. This is the case especially when pools are uncovered and are continuously exposed to elements. 

Maintaining the correct pH levels ensures proper effectiveness of chlorine in killing germs and bacteria. It also ensures that the water will not cause skin or eye irritation to the users. Imbalanced pool water can lead to corrosion in pool accessories and equipment.

The services we provide :

Our general services during technical visits may include, but are not limited to:

  • Chemical testing and adjustments to health department standards
  • Brushing and vacuuming the pool
  • Cleaning skimmer baskets and waterline tiles
  • Backwashing the filtration system
  • Cleaning of Hair & Lint Strainer
  • Refilling of chemical reservoirs
  • Filling the water to the proper level
  • Inspection of filtration equipment
  • Visual inspection of main drain covers and other pool fixtures
  • Basic equipment troubleshooting
  • Phone support between visits

Extra Annual Services  :

  • Complete Pool Paint Renovation 
  • Water Filling of Pool with fresh water or sea water
  • Engine station repairs 
  • New engine station setup
  • Pool Deposit deep cleaning and water refill